Glo Night Plan: Subscription Code For Glo

Glo telecommunication network offer much more data volume for lesser prices. This offer includes night browsing plan which is at a very cheap price.

 According to statistics presented by the National Communication Commission (NCC), Glo has been emerged the highest internet users subscriber.

 In this post, I will show you the simplest method to subscribe for Glo night plan

Subscription Code for Glo Night Plan 


As at now, Glo has two different night plan depending on the volume of data and the time it works.

Glo Night Plan

Glo One Night Subscription

This offer is just for one night from 12am in the mid night to 5am in the morning.
The price is 200 and the data volume is 1GB. 

You can subscribe to this plan if you want to download a large file.
To subscribe to this plan dial *127*60#.


Dail *777# >> Buy Data >> Buy 3G-4G Data Plan >> Night and Weekend Plan >> 200 = 1GB 1 Day

Glo Weekend Subscription

The price for this plan is 500 for 3GB valid for one weekend. This plan is accessible from 12am on Saturday to 11:59pm on Sunday and night 12am to 5am.
To subscribe to this plan dial *127*61#.


Dial *777# >> Buy Data>>Buy 3G-4Gdata Plan>>Night and Weekend Plan>> 500 = 3GB 1 Weekend.

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How to Check Data Balance

To check your data balance just follow the steps below.
Dial *777# >> Buy Data>> Manage Data>>Get Data Balance.


One good thing about Glo is that, you don’t have to change your present tariff. 
subscribe to Glo Night plan to be a partaker of this great offer.

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