What is a Blog Used For: Blogging Definition

You want to start a blog? But don’t know how?.. don’t worry because is just very simple… but before then, I want to introduce you to blogging definition. 

When I was not a blogger; I had this same problem. I do ask some friends this questions what is a blog used for?, what is the different between a blog and a website. 

Blogging Definition

But when I started blogging, I discovered what I needed to know about blogging.

In this article, I will share with you blogging definition, what a blog can be used for and how to start a blog, so don’t miss it.

Blogging Definition

The term Blog is gotten from the word weblog. Blog has become so popular in our society today. A blog is in form of a website.

What is a Blog Used For

 It is a cheap and easy way to pass information to the public on a daily basis.

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A blog maybe define as diary or journals that are managed by one or two persons called bloggers. A blog can be used as a diary to store important information. 

A blog is arrange in such a way that readers can view post and also write a comment.

Different Between  Blog And Website 

Have you ever wandered the different between a blog and a website? actually, there is no much different. 

But there is a common different which is the way or the format data are presented.

A blog is a section of a website that is updated on a regular basis with important information. 

In a blog, the most recent post appear first followed by the previous post.

How to Identify a Blog

  • Chronological listing of blog content
  • Blog post are arranged by date, categories, author and tags
  • The readers can view post and also comment on it. 


Gooditech, Fabulous, Myschoolinformation, shoutmeloud etc

What is a website?

A  website is bigger than a blog. It can be anything on the internet that is presented on python/ java/ javascript/ html/css/ php etc.


A website contain several pages which are link to the homepage. This means that, a blog can be part of a website. The homepage of a website is mostly used for browsing other pages on the website.

How to identify a website

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  •  homepage that display the internal pages of the website
  • a page that contain the Company terms and conditions
  • a page of client testimonials and feedback.

What is a Blog used for?

Many people wants to know what a blog can be used for because of how popular it has become in our society today. They are many uses of blog depending on what you want to used it for.

  • A blog can be used as a diary to store important information.
  • It allow you (blogger) to inform your audience on what is happening right now.
  • A blog can be used to promote business by advertising the business on the blog.
  • If you are a professional blogger, you can make money from your blog.
  • You can used your blog to educate your audience.

How to Start A Blog

Is very easy and simple to start a blog even without paying anything. 

They are some platform like Blogger that allow you to start a blog for free. All there need from you is your active email and your password.

 Hence, if you don't like blogger platform you can go with wordpress, but you have to pay for hosting.

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