Boost Blog Traffic: Easy Way To Get Blog Traffic

One of the encouraging things that a blogger will like to see in his/her blog is huge amount of traffic.
 Many bloggers are frustrated because of low traffic in their blog, as a result of this, many bloggers abandon their blog.

 Are you facing this kind of challenge in your blog? 
Don’t worry because in this guide, I’ll share with you how to boost blog traffic. So I huge you to read in between lines in order to grab the points.

Boost Blog Traffic, traffic, blog

In few minute, I’ll dive into how to boost your blog traffic, but before I do that, I want to mention types of traffic.

Types Of Traffic

They are two types of traffic:
  •  organic traffic and
  •  paid traffic:
We can’t talk about traffic without mentioning these two types of traffic. As the matter of fact, if you understand the concept behind these two types of traffic, your blog traffic will grow.

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Organic Traffic 

This is a traffic that you get without forcing it. For example, this kind of traffic can be gotten from google if you post rank on the first page. 

Organic traffic can also be gotten through referral link ( that is, when someone click your blog link from another website ) or direct link (when someone enter your blog url direct).  

Paid Traffic

 This is a traffic that you get by advertisement.
After publishing a post, you can share it on social media. Any time anybody clicks on the shared post on any social media, it will direct the person to your blog. 

Boost Blog Traffic, traffic, blog

Organic traffic is the best source of traffic that can last long. This is why many bloggers struggle to get traffic from google. 
Organic traffic boost blog traffic expressly. 

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How To Get Organic Traffic From Google

Do you know that google search engine (also known as google) is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web in all the platforms?  

 Imagine that your blog traffic is from google!  Then you don’t have to think about traffic again because you have arrived.

Will you like to get organic traffic from google?  If yes, concentrate on the following.

 Quality content

In blogging, your blog contents (your blog posts) is one of the factor that determine whether your site will rank on first page or not. Don't forget that quality content boost blog traffic.

In order to write a quality post (optimized post) the following must be considered:


This is the first thing you should think of before writing any post. If I should ask, what are keywords? 

Keywords are ideas that define what your main content is all about. 
 In order words, it can also be seen as the topic of your discussion. 

They are many keywords research tools out there you can used to search for keywords. 
Some of the free keywords research tools are:
  •  keywords everywhere
  •  Google Trends
  •  Keyword Shitter
  •  Adwords & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
  •  Google Search Console, etc.  

You can use any of this keyword research tools to search for keywords before writing.

 If you need help on how to use any of the tools mention above, don’t fail to drop your comment!

Don’t forget, quality content boost blog traffic, so research on keyword before writing.

Keywords placement

Do you know that google penalize on keyword stuffing? If you actually want to rank well, you have to consider keywords placement.

You may ask, how will I place my keywords so that I will not be penalized by google? 

Well! the answer may not be far from what you are thinking. Your keywords should be placed in every hundred words in your post. 

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Or your keywords should be in every paragraph in your blog post. But it is preferred that your keywords should be place in every 100 (hundred) words in your blog post.

Length of your post:

The length of your content (post) matters a lot. Your blog post should be able to explain the topic you want to share with your audience in full details. 

It is true that people like to read short content. But does that short content satisfy the question a user is looking for? 

That is why, when a search is conducted, search engine, look for the best content (answer) that satisfy the query of the user. 

Note: The length of your content also contributes to your raking.

Build links:  

Does the word “backlink” sound strange to you? Let’ look into it.
When a site links to another site, it is called Backlink. 

Backlinks are very important to SEO and it increase ranking.
Here are some sites that give back links:

 Just read and comment on their post with the url of the post you want to build link. 

Backlinks  boost blog traffic expressly.
For more clarification drop your comment below.

How To Boost Blog Traffic:

Before I talk about how to boost blog traffic, let me quickly tell you little about my experience.

Boost Blog Traffic, organic traffic

Well, starting a blog is very simple, but building a blog up to what people like is somehow difficult. 

When I started blogging, it was not easy to get traffic to my blog; my every day statistic was 50, 30 and so on. But now my traffic has grown to what it supposes to be. 
Do you want to know how I did it?
Here is what I did and my statistic grows tremendously;

Guest posting:

This is my testimony, as a new blogger then, I was not familiar with guest posting. I was thinking, how it will help me to get traffic but later I decided to try it and it increased my traffic. So I want you to try it. 
Here are list of guest posting site that you can register with.

Social media share:

I won’t say much here, I guest you have already know this. Link your blog to your facebook, twitter, etc so that you can share your post.
 Increase likes and followers on facebook and twitter.  
Do you currently work on driving traffic to your blog? Tell us about your experience on the comment section below.
If this post is useful to you, please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Thank you.


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