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In my previous post, I discuss how to create a blog with blogger. Today’s post is the continuation of the previous post, so if you have not gone through the previous post I advise you to do so. 

Here is how to create a blog for free

Today I will discuss how to upload/install free customizable blogger templates in your blogger’s blog. In addition, I will list some responsive and SEO friendly template that you can use in your blogger’s blog. 

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The responsiveness of a template is one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a blog template for your site. 

Responsiveness simply means how your site/ blog behaves in different devices (e.g. laptops, Android phones, and tablets). 

They are some blogs/sites that behave well when viewed with laptops but when you view it with an android phone or tablet some content overlap. This simply tells you that the blog template is not responsive. 

These issues of template responsiveness affect your content ranking (that is if your template is not responsive, your site/blog may not rank on small devices).

As a matter of fact, blog/site responsiveness is very important because it contributes to your traffic. 

How to Upload Blog Templates

 In this section, I will show you the easiest way to upload a blogger template. But before I do that, let’s look at what a template is?

In blogger, templates are also known as themes. For better understanding, a template is a container that holds all your content. It saves as a framework. 

At this stage, I assumed that you have created your blog, but if you have not, follow this link to create a blog before you continue. 

After creating a new blog, notice that there is a default template/theme on the client site. Looking at it, the template is not attractive, so there is a need to upload another template that is more attractive. 

The steps below will guide you to upload a new template on your site. 

  • Download any template of your choice (the template downloaded will be in zip format)
  • Locate the zip file in your download 
  • Extract the zip file into that same folder. 
  • After extracting the zip file, a new folder will be created bearing the original name of the zip file. 
  • Open the new folder and look for the XML document. 

Are you there? Ok! Let’s continue.

  • Sign in to your blogger’s account
  • Click on the blog you want to change the template 
  • Click on theme on the left screen of your monitor 
  • Click on backup/restore on the top right corner of your monitor 
  • Click chose file (it will pop-up a window for you to select from your document) 
  • Click on your download  in your pc and look for the extracted folder of the template you downloaded 
  • Open the folder and look for the XML document 
  • Select and upload the XML file

If the XML file upload successfully, congratulation you just change your blog template. 

If the XML document fails to upload, that means the template has a problem. In this case, you have to download another template and follow the above steps to upload it again. 

Don’t forget to drop your questions or contributions in the comment section below. 

How to Customize Blog Templates 

In this section, I will blow your mind on how to customize your blog template and make it looks attractive to users. 

Customization deals with the arrangement. You can add or remove any gadget from your site. 

To achieve this, follow the steps below; 

  • Sign in to your blogger account 
  • On your dashboard, select the blog you want to customize 
  • Click on layout 
  • Click on add a gadget 
  • Select the plus sign to add the gadget 
  • Add the title if necessary 
  • Save the gadget and preview your blog. 

You can rearrange the gadget position by dragging the gadget to any position you want. 

Note: Remember to save the arrangement any time you rearrange the gadget. 

Don’t forget to drop your questions or contribution in the comment section below. 

Free Customizable Blog Templates 

They are many free blogger’s templates out there but all of them are not responsive. Many of them are not SEO friendly.

So you have to be very careful when choosing a template for your site. 

Here are some of the blogger’s template that is responsive and easy to customize. 

Elice Template

Elice template

Elice template is one of the most responsive template use in blogger blog. It is easy to customize. 

Elice has the following features Clean design, good for blogging niche, fast loading 

 Dearpins Blogger Template: 

It is a nice template for a magazine blog. It is fast loading and it responsive.

It is easy to customize and it has a nice design. 

Sport mag blogger template: 

It is a nice template for sport, it can also be used in other niches. 

It is fast loading template with good design, easy to customize 


 When a new blog is created, it is necessary to change the default template of the blog. Chose free customizable blogger templates that match your niche. 

Don’t forget to drop your questions or contribution in the comment section below. 

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