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Hi guys!
Welcome to my blog, your number one site to get reliable information.

Why I Started This Blog

Contributing positively to the society has been my dream, but to achieve this dream was somehow difficult for me. 

Until a friend of mine introduced me to blogging on 2017, which was when my dreams turn to reality despite that, I didn’t know much about blogging.

Base on the facts that, I didn’t know much about blogging, I decided to undergo professional training on blogging. 

As a result of this training my first professional blog Gooditex was established on August, 2018.

What You Will Find On Gooditex

Gooditex focuses on educational news, scholarship news, blog tips (guide you to create and manage your own blog), SEO and various internet marketing. 

Main Objective

My main objective of starting this blog is to offer you free and high quality educational information that will help you to succeed.

 By so doing my dreams (contributing positively to the society) will be fulfilled.

How Goditex Will Help You

First of all, this blog is for people that want to live a digital life or currently moving in that direction.

Gooditex is not for person that wants to be rich in one day.

This blog will help you in the following ways:
  • Guide you to open your own blog
  • Guide you on how to make money through blogging
  • SEO guide

With great hope, by reading a post in this blog you will be inspired to learn every day.

Who I am:

My name is Goodnews Essien - popularly known as Goody.

About Gooditex, Goody
I am a student; I study computer science in university. 

My basic knowledge of coding really helps me to manage my site.

I welcome your opinion on this blog, you can send me the topics you want to see discussed and I will post it on your behalf.  
What do you think?.

I am very grateful to all my blog readers for reading my post and commenting.

You mean a lot to me, Your comments mean a lot to me,
 there’s no Gooditex without you. 

For suggestion, contribution and advice, contact Gooditex.

Thank you for visiting this page,

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